Track Drupal Site Search in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a feature to track Site Search. It must be configured with a "Query Parameter". Setting this up was a little confusing to me, so I thought I'd post here to help anyone who may be stuck.

To track Drupal's default search, located at, do the following steps:

1. Click the "Edit" link on the site profile.


2. Click "Edit" next to Main Website Profile Information.


3. Under "Site Search", enter the following parameters:

Site Search

I don't believe you have to strip query parameters out of the URL, it won't garble the results.

For the "Query Parameter", if you want to track Drupal's default search, just enter "search" as the query parameter.

If you're using an additional Search module, like Apache Solr, Faceted Search, or Multisite Search, your search URL will appear like so:

To also capture those search results, simply add "search/apachesolr_search" or "search/multisite_search" to the query parameter with a comma.

So the query parameter will appear like so: search,search/apachesolr_search

That's it! It worked for me, so hopefully it will for you too...


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Hi Wes,

Have you been able to get this to work while using 'clean URLs' ?

Thanks - JoC

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Hi John,

Yes, this should work fine with clean URLs enabled, we have it enabled on our site.

All requests in Drupal are translated from to, so the "query string" is everything after the ?, and Google Analytics will pick that up. Make sense?

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I tried your query parameter example but it doesn't work. We installed Search API module on Drupal 7, so it seems to have generated different string queries, in this format (example is for search word "food") :

So in this case should I enter 'search-result' as query parameter or
'search_api_views_fulltext=' or
'search_api_views_fulltext=,&=Apply' ?

Would really appreciate your help.

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Great tip. Does it work for WP too?

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Hi Wes. Thanks for this post. Should the advice here still apply to current versions of Google Analytics? I'm struggling to get Google identify the 'category parameter' in the results and I can't get the Drupal GA moderator to shed any light on it. The site is standard Drupal 7.28 site running the core search module + Custom Search module and I've tried every variation I can think of for the 'Category Parameter'. In search results URL I've got 'type:' (see sample search result: whereas the moderator believes that the category parameter should be 'cat' which I can see in the source code. In both instances Google's search results emphatically state that the search results 'site search category' is '(not set)'?

The long and short of it is on here:

Ideally I'd like to not only sort this but document the issue back to the Drupal community - if you could help?

Much appreciated in advance.


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I am trying to understand what this "Track internal search" setting actually does...we use the GoogleSearchAppliance and the /search (D6) or /gsearch (D7) is handled by the GoogleSearchAppliance module...does the GoogleAnalytics module with that "Track internal search" setting enabled send some page event to GA? Thanks...

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