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For the past year, I have been working as a consultant for the fine folks at the Museum of Science in Boston. I've finally updated the Work section to show some of the cool projects I've been working on.

Head over to the Work section and take a look.

Why Do You Need a Website?

It seems everyone is online these days. From huge, multinational companies, down to the small local businesses around the corner, they’re all online. Except for you.

You’re not sure about all this website business. It seems pretty expensive, and you're skeptical about it's effectiveness. Why bother?

Actually, there’s lots of compelling reasons why you not only want a website but need one. In fact, not having a website is probably hurting your business more than you realize. Here's 3 reasons.

The New! Now with more Drupal 7!


Welcome to, the Personal Blog of Web developer Wes Jones (me). I started this blog in 2009, to write about Web development, and whatever else. Over time, I've tried to share bits of knowledge about Drupal that I've learned along the way.

Drupal 6: How to Change Filename on Upload

I want to rewrite the file name when a user uploads a file. How on earth do you do that?

There appears to be very little documentation on this, so I present to you my solution, and an explanation of how I figured this out. Hopefully this will help a stranded Drupaler out there.

The Code Snippet

The following code will rewrite an uploaded file's filename from to 1234567890_<timestamp>, where "1234567890" is the timestamp.

Insert this into a custom module:

Command Line: Add Write Permissions to All Files and Folders

This is a tricky one.

Plenty of people are experts at command line wizardry in the Linux/UNIX/*nix world, and I'd say I'm pretty comfortable with it. Anything you want to do, there's usually some uber-command that does everything in one line, probably using the -exec option, it just requires some searching and a little trial and error (with caution).

Transparent PNGs and Black Borders in IE 8 with Javascript

Internet Explorer is the bane of all Web programmer's existance. Well, IE6 was. IE7 was an improvement, but still not that great. IE8 was a big step forward, and I'm sure IE9 will be even better.

Notwithstanding that we now need 4 sets of conditional style sheets, IE8 still has a major limitation with transparent PNGs.

Install Multiple Tracking Codes for Google Analytics on a Drupal Site

At the Strong, we have 6 separate Drupal sites in a Multisite installation. Before that, we had 3 websites. We have been using Google Analytics for the past few years to track data, especially since the inception of the American Journal of Play in July 2008 and ICHEG in March 2009. Each site had its own profile and tracking code.

Track Drupal Site Search in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a feature to track Site Search. It must be configured with a "Query Parameter". Setting this up was a little confusing to me, so I thought I'd post here to help anyone who may be stuck.

To track Drupal's default search, located at, do the following steps:

1. Click the "Edit" link on the site profile.

Drupal Redesign: Themes and Sub-themes

This post is part of a series about our implementation of Drupal during the redesign of and the launch of the Strong. Read the first post here.

Designer vs. Developer

I came across this post today on Mashable: HOW TO: Communicate Needs & Expectations to Web Designers